"Hillary is a highly skilled professional who has done wonders for my neck and back.  With just the right touch her therapeutic hands consistently release the tension and return me to function!"  Thomas A. St John, MD

"Hillary has become my massage therapist for the many years I come to my vacation home in the Aspen Valley.  Hillary always has a positive and wholesome attitude and brings me back to center mentally and physically with her bodywork.  She knows just what my body needs each time, and I come away from the session with the stresses of life removed.  Hillary is a safe, reliable massage therapist with years of experience in several different modalities.  As a massage therapist myself, I am very particular as to the capabilities of the person who works on me.  I highly recommend her for all body types, from young to aging."   Gretchen L Jameson LMT, CGMT

"Hillary Maley is a talented and caring massage therapist who is actually more of a healer... You relax and breathe in her space and her treatments are transcendent.  I highly recommend her to a person of any age and temperament.  You will feel much better no matter the condition your body is in."  Maryann O'Donnell

"It is my pleasure to recommend Hillary as the most amazing massage therapist that exists on the planet!  It is both a physical and spiritual journey each and every time.  Hillary is truly one of God's gift to us all."  Gene Fourney